Registered qualification: Certificate: Office Administration

(NQF L5 - SAQA ID 23618, total credits: 120)


Duration:  18 months

Entry requirements:

  • Grade 12 (Std 10) or equivalent

  • You must be at least 16 years of age

  • No prior accounting knowledge needed.



1. Business and Office Administration 1 (BOA1)
2. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
3. Business Literacy (BUSL)
4. Marketing Management and Public Relations (MMPR)
5. Business Law and Administrative Practice (BLAP)
6. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT


What my title can be:

Junior Office Administrator, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Public Relations Officer, Marketing Administrator

What I'll be able to do:


Business communication; bookkeeping up to trial balance; apply your basic knowledge of cost and management accounting; use your basic skills in marketing and public relations, business law and administrative practice.




Registered qualification: Higher Certificate: Office Administration

(NQF L5 - SAQA ID 23619, total cumulative credits: 240)


Duration:  +9 months

Entry requirements:

  • Certificate: Office Administration NQF L5, which consists of the previous six learning areas.



7. Business and Office Administration 2 (BOA2)
8. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (HRLR)
9. Economics (ECON)


What my title can be:

Senior Office Administrator, Secretary, General Office Manager, Human Resources Administrator, Labour Relations Administrator


What I'll be able to do:

Apply a range of office administration techniques and economics, perform human resources and labour relations administrative tasks.


Diploma: Office Administration

(NQF L6 - SAQA ID 35958, total cumulative credits: 360)


Duration:  +9 months

Entry requirements:

  • Higher Certificate: Office Administration, which consists of the previous 9 subjects.



10. Business and Office Administration 3 (BOA3)
11. Financial Statements (FNST)
12. Management (MGMT)


What my title can be:

Office Manager, Public Relations Manager, Administrative Manager.


What I'll be able to do:

Use your advanced knowledge of office administration and management techniques, financial accounting and reporting skills.

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