National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting

(NQF L4 - SAQA ID 20352, total credits: 120)


Duration:  12 months

Entry requirements:

  • Grade 11, NQF 3 or equivalent.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age.

  • No prior accounting knowledge needed.



1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
2. Public Accounting Administration (PAAD)
3. Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)
4. Business Literacy (BUSL)


What my title can be:

Public Accounts Administrator


What I'll be able to do:

Administer public accounts. Help improve public sector financial management by adding value, efficiency and productivity to government departments.




Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

(NQF L5 - SAQA ID 20353, total cumulative credits: 137)


Duration:  +12 months

Entry requirements:

  • National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting, which consists of the previous 4 learning areas.



5. Financial Statements (FNST)
6. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT)
7. Technical Public Accounting (TPAC)
8. Business Law and Accounting Control (BLAC)


What my title can be:

Technical Public Accountant, Accounting Technician in the public sector


What I'll be able to do:

Work as a qualified accounting technician in the public sector. Make a positive contribution to the country by improving public finance management; contribute to the optimal use of state resources; demonstrate a shift from cash to accrual accounting. 


National Diploma: Financial Accounting

(NQF L6 - SAQA ID 20366, total cumulative credits: 280)


Duration:  +12 months

Entry requirements:

  • Diploma: Public Sector Accounting, which consists of the previous 8 learning areas.



9. Corporate Strategy (CRPS)
10. Management Accounting and Control Systems (MACS)
11. Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks (FRRF)
12. Research Theory and Practice (by short dissertation; topic: Public Accounting) (RTAP)


Jobs you'll be able to apply for:

Public Sector Financial Accountant, Financial Accountant. Accounting Officer (via SAIBA, if you meet their criteria).


What you'll be able to do:

Compile annual financial statements; register with SAIBA as an Accounting Officer (once you meet their requirements); work with Chartered Accountants and Auditors; have a thorough knowledge of accounting theory and practice, strategy, management accounting and regulatory frameworks.

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